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The Clifton Water District was formed March 5, 1951 as a Special District within the laws of the State of Colorado. The District began construction of the system in 1957 to serve 321 service connections. Currently, the  District serves 12,300 Active Taps that service 13,700 residential and commercial units. Single-family, multiple family and trailer park units comprise 97% of the District's accounts. The remaining 3% of the District's accounts are commercial uses such as retail stores, gas stations and restaurants.

The Clifton Water District Service Area encompasses approximately 10,720 acres and is described as an area bounded by 30 Road on the West, I-70 on the North, 34 ½ Road on the East and the Colorado River on the South. The District also serves some residents south of the Colorado River and the Whitewater area.

The Clifton Water District is governed by a five member Board of Directors that are elected to four-year terms by property owners within the District. The District currently employs 28 persons in the Administration, Distribution and Water Treatment departments.