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Transfer Water Services

If you are Purchasing a Home

If you are purchasing a home that is serviced by the Clifton Water District, your water service is typically transferred into your name through the Title Company. Before completing your property transfer, please give us a call to verify the accuracy of the information we have on file for your account. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask our staff any questions you may have about your water service. If you are not using a Title Company for the closing of the property, you will need to provide our Customer Service Representatives with a copy of the documents validating the property transfer. There will be a $20.00 Set-Up Fee, on the first monthly bill, for transferring the account records to a new Property owner.

For new Property Owners, we will need the following information on your account:

  • The mailing address to send your monthly billing statements.
  • Your phone number. The District relies on contacting you by phone to notify you of any emergencies regarding your water service.

If you are Renting a Home

If you are renting a home that is serviced by Clifton Water, the account remains in the name of the Property Owner. They or the Property Manager can sign you up to receive a duplicate bill for your convenience. They will need to complete a Third Party Notification Form before you will begin to receive a bill.  All new tenant accounts require a $20.00 Set-Up Fee. 

If you are renting but not receiving a bill for water service at a property you are renting, please call us or visit the office and we can give you the balance owed on the account and the due date.

**This form is strictly for use by either the Property Manager OR the Property Owner**  If you are a tenant, please have your Landlord fill out this form, or instruct them to contact us in the office at 970-434-7328 or via email at  

Third Party Notification Form

Tenant Information

Notice: The Clifton Water District is a Title 32 Special District and has been granted specific powers in the State of Colorado associated with the assessment and collection of Water and Sewer charges. Specifically, Colorado Revised Statutes 32-1-1001 (j)(I) states, “until paid, all such fees, rates, tolls, penalties, or charges shall constitute a perpetual lien on and against the property served, and any such lien may be foreclosed in the same manner as provided by this state for the foreclosure of mechanics’ liens”. All Clifton Water District accounts shall remain in the name of the legally recorded Property Owner and therefore all Water and Sewer charges shall be the responsibility of the Property Owner. Please advise all parties to this property transaction the requirements of the laws of the State of Colorado and the Clifton Water District.

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