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Mission + Values

Water Quality

Organizational commitment to our customers and water quality. Doing what it takes by using technology, treatment, distribution and customer service to insure and maintain high water quality standards. The commitment to water quality is paramount and will not be compromised.


Organizational recognition of the value of family through policies and procedures. Recognizing that the productivity, value and health of an employee centers around the need to provide for oneself and the family. Organizational acknowledgment of this value through the use of flexible work schedules, fair benefits, time off, and encouraging community involvement.


Dedication to the advancement of the organization and the employee through education and training. Seeking the "cutting edge" through a commitment to education, training and career advancement opportunities within the organization.


Organizational character based on ethical behavior, fundamental organizational and personal integrity, truth, consistency and fairness.


Adherence to a high standard of conduct that values personal honesty and commitment to do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it.

Stability / Security

Creating a work place and an organization that respects the employee, producing employee stability and security by a non-compromised commitment to employee safety, comfortable work environment and a competitive wage and benefit plan.


Dedication to excellence. Recognizing the importance of our customers by providing superior customer service and a superior product. Creating and distributing nothing that is "second rate".


Creating an organizational structure that demonstrates loyalty and support to the employee, making employees feel valuable by recognizing contributions and the essential role each employee plays in the organizational team.