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PTO Accrual Rates

Completed Years of ServiceAccrual Rate / Hours per Pay PeriodAccrual Rate / Days per Year Max Accrual Rate (Hours)
0 to 5 Years7.25723.585300
5 to 10 Years7.92325.750350
10 to 15 Years8.5927.918400
15 Plus Years10.75734.960450

**The District reserves the right, in its sole and exclusive determination, to count an employee’s previous experience prior to joining the District in determining what the Employee’s “Completed Years of Service” will be.  If the District does count such experience in that, the employee will not move to the next level until the Employee completes that many years with the District.  For example, if the District identifies that a new Employee, based on the Employee’s previous experience, accrues PTO at the 5-10 year level, the Employee will not move to the next category  (i.e., the 10-to-15-year level) until the Employee has been with the District for 10 years.